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Apache Chief is a member of the Super Friends.

Apache Chief was given a special powder by his tribe's medicine man that would give him power that amplified his courage. As he poured this powder over himself, he was granted the power to increase his size and mass. However, at the same time this took place, a watching woman stole this powder and poured it on herself, giving her power to increase her size and mass. She would call herself Giganta.[1]


  • Size Alteration: By speaking the words "Inuk chuk!", Apache Chief can increase his size and mass, the exact range of which remains unknown. On the average, Apache Chief maintains an elevated height of fifty feet, but has been known to increase his size to literally cosmic proportions.
  • Sixth Sense: Apache Chief has what he refers to as a "sixth sense," allowing him to sense things that cannot be sensed by the normal five senses.


  • Survival: Living among the Apache people prior to becoming a superhero, Apache Chief was trained in methods of tracking and survival.
  • Tracking


Like all Super Friends, Apache Chief carries a Justice League communicator.

  • The character of Apache Chief was created by Hanna-Barbera Productions and is unique to the continuity of the Super Friends television series. The character was voiced by Michael Rye.
  • In 1978, Hanna-Barbera elected to include more ethnic diversity in their Super Friends line-up.[citation needed] To this end, they created several original characters of distinctive cultural and/or racial diversity to fill out the Super Friends roster. Included in the new line-up were: Black Vulcan, El Dorado, Samurai and Apache Chief. Although Hanna-Barbera's intent was to create a more politically correct atmosphere, the writers of the show fell back upon age old stereotypes and several of the characters became little more than token archetypes of their respective cultures. Apache Chief himself was often found speaking in clipped, stilted tones reminiscent of stereotypical Native American speech patterns.



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