The Ape Mastermind was an intelligent gorilla from Central Africa.

He demonstrated superior intelligence over most gorillas by learning how to speak human languages, including English, and also how to make fire. Determining that this made him more fit to rule the world than humans were, he set about organizing the various primates of the jungle to take over for him, and they began a reign of terror against the nearby villages. This caused Captain Marvel to investigate. After watching the mysterious mastermind handing money to some henchmen while hiding behind a bush, Captain Marvel turned into his Alter Ego Billy Batson and went into the bushes to see nothing but an ape before being knocked out by the ape who revealed that he was the mastermind. After waking up in the Ape Mastermind's home, the ape told him his backstory and his plans and then decided to burn the boy alive in his fireplace. However, at this point, the Ape Mastermind's human henchmen stopped him and saved Billy after having followed him to find out the identity of their boss and being shocked that they were working for an ape. The Ape Mastermind was later turned over to scientists for study.


  • The Ape Mastermind was created by writer Otto Binder for Fawcett Publications. In 1991, DC bought the Fawcett comics characters (including the Ape Mastermind) from Fawcett. DC has not yet used the Ape Mastermind in any new stories.



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