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 The Apokoliptians or Apokoliptans are inhabitants of Apokolips. Some of them are extremely powerful beings like the New Gods, though weaker beings like Lowlies also exist. Though primarily humanoid in appearance, some denizens of Apokolips have been genetically bred with special features, such as the Deep Six.


The people of Apokolips, just like those of New Genesis, are a product of the death of the Old Gods, and they became the New Gods after millions of years.[1] But Apokolips was the complete opposite of its twin planet: while New Genesis was a world of prosperity and righteousness, Apokolips was a wasteland where fear and tyranny abound. The Apokoliptians always lived under an oppressive dictator, from their first ruler, Yuga Khan, to his overthrowing son, Darkseid.[2]

Regardless of their place in Apokolips, all Apokoliptians serve their dictator, and are always treated as inferior: the Lowlies are the slave laborers, oppressed to work under precarious conditions with fear at the War Machines of Armagetto and punished when they don't fulfill their task; closer to Darkseid's authority, subjects like DeSaad and Granny Goodness serve as counselors, but never as co-rulers. Granny is also responsible of raising and training Darkseid's elite forces in her orphanage, like the Female Furies. Other elite servants who carry on Darkseid's orders include his oldest son Kalibak, the demon Mantis, and Steppenwolf, among many others.

Powers and Abilities


  • Immortality: Those born on Apokolips are extremely long-lived with lifespans many times greater than nearly any other humanoid life-form.


Type of Government:

Dictatorship. Darkseid is the supreme ruler of Apokolips and all those beneath him live in fear of his anger.



  • The denizens of Apokolips were created by Jack Kirby and are considered a major component of his "Fourth World" mythos.

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