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Aquagirl is a name used by several sidekicks of Aquaman in the DC Universe. Along with Aqualad, she is a member of the Aquaman Family and has numerous underwater powers, which she uses to fight against evil.

Primarily, the character lives in Atlantis, although incarnations of the character have been involved with the Teen Titans, and resided in Titans Tower with the rest of the team. The two primary long-running character to have taken up the position are Tula and Lorena Marquez. A futuristic version of Aquagirl named Mareena was introduced in the DC Animated Universe. She is a member of the Justice League Unlimited and daughter of Aquaman who possesses hydrokinetic powers.

The Aquagirl identity was created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy, first appearing in Aquaman #33 (1967).


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