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"Sea Devils": This story is reprinted from Aquaman Giant #3.

Aquaman: Deep Dives #3 is a chapter in the digital-first series Aquaman: Deep Dives (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of May, 2020.

Synopsis for "Sea Devils"

This story is reprinted from Aquaman Giant #3.

Aquaman and Tempest swim through rising water in a subway tunnel og Manhattan after a hurricane cracked an ancient seal beneath New York City, releasing a giant serpent which is causing a subway station to be flooded by destroying its structure. Aquaman while rescuing the humans realizes that it's panicking and Garth is only using his basic powers like aquakinesis even though he is capable of far more.

Arthur tells Tempest that he could easily resolve the situation if he really used his magical power but Garth is afraid as the last time he made a mistake with a powerful spell, it was harmful. Aquaman criticizes him stating the human are far more scared than him and he taught him to do what he can instead of what he wished. The cops start firing at the scene start firing at the serpent, leading it to shift its focus from Arthur.

The gunfire allows Aquaman to focus on saving the kid Jaime who is unable to swim, but the serpent resume attacking him before he can rescue him. Garth uses a tidecurl which allows Jaime to be rescued by others. Aquaman who is distracted by the rescue, is bitten by the serpent, but this allows him to communicate with it. Arthur states its destroying the station out of rage and recognizes that it only wants to swim tranquilly in open waters, which it could do so when it was sealed.

After calming the serpent and getting it to release him, he states that he knows what it's like to be seen as a monster without reason but it needs to prove to them that it's not a threat. Aquaman encourages Garth to use his true magical power in order to save the drowning humans and Garth successfully teleports them away. Arthur then has him seal the serpent back and while returning hears thunder, telling Garth their work isn't finished yet.

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