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"Stinging Tide, Part 1": This story is reprinted from Aquaman Giant #4.

Aquaman: Deep Dives #5 is a chapter in the digital-first series Aquaman: Deep Dives (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of May, 2020.

Synopsis for "Stinging Tide, Part 1"

This story is reprinted from Aquaman Giant #4.

Aquaman, Mera and the Sea Devils go to rescue the Lurker king Noble in the mid-Atlantic ridge after an archaeological dig went sideways due to a cave-in a cave-in. After reaching the location they spotted the Trench attacking Noble. Though he fights back, the Trench draw blood which can make them crazy. Aquaman however distracts the Trench and tells the Sea Devils it's their turn to lead in order to prove themselves.

Judy tries to draw as many of the Trench away from Noble while Arthur and Mera try to rescue the Lurker King. The other Sea Devils however see her move as unwise and Nick decides to attack the Trench with his shoulder-mounted missiles. As the Trench surround them, Judy overloads the Sea Devils' diving lights which fries the sensing organs of their attackers.

While Mera creates an air bubble around Noble to keep the Trench away from him, Arthur fights the Trench and is able to finish off all of them. Mera then collects all of Noble's blood from the ocean and returns it to the Lurker king's body. As the Sea Devils return, they are able to patch him up with their medical supplies.

Noble thanks the Aquaman for his help and states the idol was trapped with Trench pheromones to kill him and set off a war. Arthur tries to discover who was responsible for it by communicating with the sea-life and learns that the perpetrator was a mysterious entity named Scorpio.

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