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"Breathless": This story is reprinted from Aquaman Giant #1.

Aquaman: Deep Dives #8 is a chapter in the digital-first series Aquaman: Deep Dives (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of June, 2020.

Synopsis for "Breathless"

This story is reprinted from Aquaman Giant #1.

Aquaman is attacked by Scorpio's plasma darts designed to freeze lungs so he can't breathe underwater. As he tries to get away, the Scorpio soldiers follow him and bomb him. Their leader reveals that they have already injected him with a tracker and there is no sea-life around that can help him.

Aquaman demands them to reveal as to why they abducted Dr. Sinclair and his team and where they took them, but the Scorpio commander mocks him saying he is going to die anyway. Arthur destroys Scorpio's underwater vehicles and the shockwave from the explosion allows him to quickly travel to an air pocket he knows about.

The Scorpio commander drags Aquaman back under the sea and thinking he's dead, takes him to their facility, There, Scorpio demands Dr. Sinclair replicate his hybrid DNA to create such soldiers for them. Arthur however knocks out all the Scorpio members except the commander, revealing to him that he was only pretending to be dead to learn their plan and their weapons have no effect on non-humans.

The commander tries to flee and Dr. Sinclair tells Arthur to go after him, but he assures him not to worry, revealing that the sea life didn't come to his aid earlier as he deliberately told them to stay away but now he has told them to come to his assist. This allows him to catch the Scorpio commander before he escapes.

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Synopsis for "Whale Watch"

This story is reprinted from Aquaman Giant #4.

Aquaman and Mera are in the Atlantic ocean, trying to push an endangered whale pod to the south for the breeding season due to change in the water temperature. Mera commands Arthur and states he'll make a great father and he discusses about having a family with her, though she is unsure stating that the current world isn't fit for a child.

Meanwhile, a naval exercise is ongoing simulating a search and rescue of a submarine. The sailors however discover whales in the area, which they didn't expect, and they are deep diving which will kill them. Captain Banas tells the submarine crew to cease sonar activity and resurface. The confused whales however start smashing against it, which causes a breach.

Banas sends out an SOS signal, which Arthur and Mera investigate after hearing. They learn about the submarine in peril. Aquaman tries to calm the whales down while Mera tries to create a current for them to follow, but they don't move. Arthur realizes this due to the whales being too tired to push a calf to the surface. The two along with the naval divers help the whales and the submarine to the surface and later agree on starting a family soon.

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