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"Book One: Overture For Silent Armageddon": The Watchtower receives a signal and the Martian Manhunter answers. A fleet of alien ships enters the solar system and moves towards Earth.

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The Flash (Barry Allen)

Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong #1 is an issue of the series Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2022. It was published on June 21, 2022.

Synopsis for "Book One: Overture For Silent Armageddon"

The Watchtower receives a signal and the Martian Manhunter answers. A fleet of alien ships enters the solar system and moves towards Earth.

In Central City the Rogues kidnap Iris West, correctly deducing that she has a personal connection to the Flash. As they expected, he comes to save her. Barry carries Iris out of the warehouse the Rogues are hiding in, then easily disarms them and freezes them in place with Captain Cold's Cold Gun, reflecting that he is happy his enemies have become friends. An hour later in Atlantis, Aquaman and Mera argue as Arthur is determined to go into the Marianas Trench and face his enemy Black Manta alone rather than send the Atlantean Guard in. Mera considers this a dereliction of his duties as king, especially as Atlantis is close to activating a device called "Typhon", but Arthur insists protecting Atlantis is his responsibility alone.

An hour later Barry has a similar argument with Iris as he has forgotten that he promised to help her host a block party the next day and had agreed to take a shift on the Watchtower. Iris storms out and Barry goes running around the world to blow off steam. An hour after that, Aquaman battles Black Manta in the trench, but it Manta reveals his hidden submarine, which fires all its ordanace at Aquaman at once. He is knocked unconscious and sinks to the bottom of the trench.

An hour later Barry is still running, and eventually enters the Speed Force, but he is suddenly jolted out of it. He emerges back in Earth 0 and crashes into a civilian, but to his surprise the man does not fall over despite the immense force Barry hit him with. He looks at the man's face and sees that his eyes are solid black; and he is frozen in place, somehow singing without moving his lips, as is everyone else around them. Barry worries that this is the result of an accident with the Speed Force, but then sees an alien craft hoverring over the city. Meanwhile Aquaman regains consciousness and swims to the surface, wonderring why Manta didn't finish him off, but when he finds Manta he is floating in the ocean completely still but somehow not sinking, and singing the same song. He surfaces and sees the alien ships in the sky.

Flash finds him in the ocean and tells him what has happened, theorising that they were unaffected because Barry was in the Speed Force and Arthur was at the bottom of the trench, presumably beyond the range of whatever has caused this. Barry takes him around the world to show him the same thing is happening everywhere, to the point that snow is not falling. Arthur is horrified when he realises that Mera and all of Atlantis are in the same condition and wants to return to his city, but Barry tells him there's nothing he could do to help them. They agree that they need to get to the Watchtower and join up with the rest of the League, hoping that they were also unaffected as they were in space.

They run to STAR Labs and find that even electricity is frozen so they can't activate the teleporter, but Barry is able to charge it with Speed Force lightning. They teleport up to the Watchtower but find the rest of the League also frozen and the entire planet surrounded by the ships. Barry wants to get the League to safety but Arthur insists it is their only chance to counterattack. He takes an ionic inverter battery and goes out into space, breaches the battery and absorbs it's energy with his trident, then blasts it towards the nearest ship in a single blast. Meanwhile Barry collects the frozen Leaguers and teleports them to the Fortress of Solitude, but the energy he needs to expend to fuel the teleporter exhausts him.

The alien ship is unaffected by Aquaman's blast and tendrils of darkness begin to reach towards him as he can no longer hold his breath. Fortunately Barry is able to grab him and bring him back into the Watchtower. Barry tells them they need to evacuate the tower and Arthur reluctantly realises he is right. As Barry overloaded the teleporter's targeting computer he is unable to send them to the Fortress with the others and they instead land in Metropolis, where the tendrils are beginning to destroy the city.

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  • Aquaman and Black Manta are shown to be enemies rather than allies, and Barry mentions Alfred Pennyworth as being alive, suggesting that this comic is set in the past. However, Barry and Iris are also married, which they are not at that point in Prime Earth history.
    • Mera refers to Arthur as the King of Atlantis, so this comic appears to take place at some point before the events of Aquaman: Crown of Atlantis.

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