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  • Agent Brigman
  • Atlanna (Flashback only)
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  • Aquaman was a proposed television program that was to be aired on the CW network in 2006. The character of Aquaman made his live-action debut on the season five episode of Smallville entitled "Aqua". Played by Alan Ritchson, Aquaman became allies with Clark Kent and even struck up a brief relationship with Lois Lane. After a harrowing incident involving the machinations of Lex Luthor, Aquaman took his leave of Smallville, with the intent of traveling the oceans.
  • The episode proved popular enough that WB executives decided to test the water with a spin-off series tentatively titled Mercy Reef. Casting agents passed over Ritchson to revive the role of Aquaman, ultimately bestowing it upon soap opera actor, Justin Hartley.
  • A pilot episode was filmed, but studio executives ultimately decided to discontinue the program. The unaired pilot was available for purchase from the iTunes store and is also available for viewing on the DC Universe streaming service.
  • According to Alfred Gough, the show could have eventually crossed over with Smallville.[1]


  • A.C.'s boat, The Quint is named after the character Quint, played by Robert Shaw in the 1975 Steven Spielberg thriller, Jaws.

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