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The Aquaman legacy survived all the way in to the 853rd Century; this Aquaman is the protector of the ocean world of Neptune.

He is also a member of the Justice Legion, a futuristic version of the Justice League. He traveled back to the 21st Century to invite their predecessors to go to their time to celebrate the return of the original Superman, who had been hibernating in the sun for thousands of years. When the Justice League arrived in this century, however, one of its members was revealed to have a virus that infects both humans and androids with insanity, claimed to be created by Vandal Savage. Aquaman came to believe that the Legion had attacked them.[1]

The team then try to prove their innocence and rush to build the Tyrant Sun, the only device capable of reversing the situation; for that they would have to salvage parts from the Batcave, Atlantis and the Watchtower, where the other members of the Justice League met in order to discuss how to handle the situation. The Legion surprises them with a sudden invasion of the lunar base, and begin to fight the League. Zauriel battles Aquaman, and is trapped in a huge bubble of water, which he escapes using his flaming sword. Zauriel then reads his teammates' minds and senses that they are innocent.

Eventually, Superman and Steel are able to build the device and destroy the virus. The Legion then return to the 853rd Century.[2]





  • Neural Network
  • Ether Netting: Energized snares Aquaman uses to bind and electrify targets, which knocks them unconscious.


  • Chain and Ships Anchor: Aquaman uses an elongated chain with an anchor as his main weapon.[9]



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