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Aquaman was a superhero from Earth-Two.

Aquaman’s scientist father experimented on him from the day of his birth to allow him to survive underwater. Due to this he felt alienated from society at large and was considered a loner among his fellow heroes. Nevertheless he joined the All-Star Squadron to fight in World War II.

Following the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Multiverse was destroyed and a New Earth was created largely from Earth-Two. A few heroes from other realities survived and migrated to New Earth, most notably the Justice League of America from Earth-One, who included an alternate version of Aquaman.

When Surtur arose to attack New Earth, the Justice League were the first line of defence. Unfortunately, the younger heroes failed and were all killed. The Squadron then attempted to stand against the demon and his legions, but were also swiftly defeated. Only a small number of survivors, including Aquaman, were able to escape and regroup.

Now calling themselves the Justice Society of Earth, the heroes developed a strategy which they believed would allow them to defeat Surtur. Aquaman took part in the battle, summoning three Megalodons to attack Surtur. Unfortunately, Surtur was still simply too much for the assembled heroes and Aquaman was burned alive alongside several of his comrades.[1]



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