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"Aquaman – swift and powerful monarch of the ocean, with the ability to summon and command all creatures of the deep. Aquaman – who with his teenage ally, Aqualad, guards and defends all that lives in the seas against the forces of evil. Aquaman – King of the Seven Seas!"


Aquaman was originally produced as a twelve-minute segment of the Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure series produced by Filmation in 1967. The series aired from September 9th, 1967 until May 1st, 1968. In September of 1968, Filmation repackaged the Aquaman vignettes as part of its own eponymous animated feature. The series featured the adventures of Aquaman and his teen-sidekick Aqualad, as they sought to protect the undersea city of Atlantis from a gallery of foes including Black Manta, the Fisherman, Nepto, Torpedo Man, Captain 'Cuda and Mirror Man (not to be confused with Mirror Master). Aquaman and Aqualad (frequently referred to by the uncomplimentary nickname "Tadpole") rode atop giant sea horses named Storm and Imp. Even Mera kept a sea horse, chauvinistically colored pink to reflect Mera's feminism. Rounding out the cast was a fun-loving walrus named Tusky, who possessed the ability to travel to the deepest depths of the ocean, despite the fact that he was a mammal. Tusky was sometimes accompanied by Topo, an octopus who made frequent appearances in the Aquaman comic stories from Adventure Comics. The character of Aquaman was later recycled for the 1973 animated series Super Friends, this time voiced by actor Norman Alden.

Principal Cast[]

  • Marvin Miller as the voice of Aquaman
  • Jerry Dexter as the voice of Aqualad
  • Ted Knight as the Narrator

Supporting Cast[]


"Aquaman" segments[]

Episode Air Date
"Menace of the Black Manta" September 9, 1967
"The Rampaging Reptile-Men"
"The Return of Nepto"
"The Fiery Invaders"
"The Sea Raiders"
"War of the Water Worlds"
"The Volcanic Monster"
"The Crimson Monster from the Pink Pool"
"The Ice Dragon"
"The Deadly Drillers"
"Vassa, Queen of the Mermen"
"The Microscopic Monsters"
"The Onslaught of the Octomen"
"Treacherous Is the Torpedoman"
"The Satanic Saturnians"
"The Brain, the The Brave and the Bold"
"Where Lurks the Fisherman!"
"Mephisto's Marine Marauders"
"Trio of Terror"
"The Torp, the Magneto and the Claw"
"Goliaths of the Deep-Sea Gorge"
"The Sinister Sea Scamp"
"The Devil Fish"
"The Sea Scavengers"
"In Captain Cuda's Clutches"
"The Mirror-Man from Planet Imago"
"The Sea Sorcerer"
"The Sea-Snares of Captain Sly"
"The Undersea Trojan Horse"
"The Vicious Villainy of Vassa"
"Programmed for Destruction"
"The War of the Quatix and the Bimphars"
"The Stickmen of Stygia"
"Three Wishes to Trouble"
"The Silver Sphere"
"To Catch a Fisherman"

Additional segments[]

Episode Air Date
"The Flash: The Chemo-Creature" September 9, 1967
"The Atom: Invasion of the Beetle-Men"
"Green Lantern: Evil is As Evil Does"
"Hawkman: Peril From Pluto"
"Justice League of America: Between Two Armies"
"Teen Titans: The Monster Machine"
"The Flash: Take a Giant Step"
"The Atom: The Plant Master"
"Green Lantern: The Vanishing World"
"Hawkman: A Visit to Venus"
"Justice League of America: Target Earth"
"Teen Titans: The Space Beast Round-Up"
"The Flash: To Catch a Blue Bolt"
"The Atom: The House of Doom"
"Green Lantern: Sirena, Empress of Evil"
"The Twenty Third Dimension"
"Justice League of America: Bad Day on Black Mountain"
"Teen Titans: Operation: Rescue"

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