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King Arthur was Aquaman, the monarch of Atlantis who was controlled by the Advisor to give victory to the Nazis.

At some point in his life Arthur became the king of the underwater nation of Atlantis. Under his rule, Atlantis would continue to hide from the surface world like had been doing for centuries. Sometime during World War II his people found Charles Halstead, the Psycho Pirate and rescued him from his destroyed ship. Halstead though, used his metahuman abilities in order to control Aquaman‘s emotions and thoughts, becoming the essential new king of Atlantis. Some time after, Halstead and Arthur aligned themselves with the Nazi Party and plotted to destroy the allies. In truth however, the Psycho Pirate planned to betray the Germans and destroy both sides. After he lured the Justice Society into an atlantean outpost, where they asked them for help, Arthur led them into a trap and imprisoned them, even though he falsely promised them assistance. Shortly after, he started having doubts about his actions and questioned if he was still doing the morally right thing. Ultimately thouh, Halstead was able to bring him under his control again and with Aquaman as his obedient servant, he was able to continue with his plans. They visited an old atlantean gate from which they freed ancient sea creatures, including a Kraken, which were controlled by Arthur with his telepathy and used by Halstead in order to attack the allies. During this plan, they were ambushed by both Wonder Woman and the Flash who tried to stop them, but they managed to escape. As soon as they arrived on the surface world, they brought havoc and death to New York City before the Justice Society showed up once again. After another short lived fight with Wonder Woman, Arthur got the upper hand and tried to kill her but got distracted long enough by Steve Trevor so that she could seperate Aquaman from his Trident of Poseidon and break it in half. Weakened by the following explosion, Arthur was freed from Psycho Pirate‘s mind control and was both shocked and disgusted by the horrors he was forced to commit. He then retreated his troops and the kraken and disappeared into the sea again, leaving the surface dwellers to themselves.






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