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The original Aquaman was a reclusive aquatic hero who grew up in a secret underwater laboratory.

Aquaman's parents were respected scientists who discovered the ruins of a long-abandoned Atlantean outpost. They believed this was the fabled Atlantis, although unbeknownst to them the true city of Atlantis and its people were still alive elsewhere in the ocean. They built an undersea laboratory in the ruins where their son was born.

Aquaman's mother died when he was young and he grew up alone with his father in the underwater lab. Somehow, his body evolved to survive in the undersea environment, and he developed powers similar to Atlanteans such as great strength and the ability to breathe underwater. His father taught him to live in harmony with nature and the seas, and he formed friendships with the ocean life that surrounded him.

In 1941, Aquaman was revealed to the world when he battled Nazi submarines which strayed close to his home. Green Lantern invited him to join the Justice Society, but Aquaman declined. He briefly joined the All-Star Squadron in 1942 but quickly left as due to his upbringing he was never comfortable living among humans and was withdrawn even from his fellow superheroes.

After Aquaman's father died in 1947 he briefly attempted to rejoin humanity and live a normal life, adopting the identity "Adam Waterman". However, he was unable to adjust to the surface and once again retreated to the seas. He was seen sporadically for the next few years, but eventually disappeared from the public eye; his ultimate fate is a mystery. Many years later, another Aquaman would emerge.



  • Animal Training: Aquaman could not communicate with marine life, but he was able to form close bonds and relationships with them, and they would often assist him in his adventures.
  • Diving
  • Marine Biology: Aquaman studied marine biology in college and had extensive practical experience with ocean life.
  • Swimming


  • Dehydration: Aquaman's strength and endurance diminished the longer he spent out of the water.


  • Trident



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