"Sight Unseen": The Gamesman has captured Maxine Baker, the daughter of Animal Man and imprisoned her inside The Red.

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Aquaman (Volume 5) #35 is an issue of the series Aquaman (Volume 5) with a cover date of August, 1997.

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  • Gamesman's ship

Synopsis for "Sight Unseen"

The Gamesman has captured Maxine Baker, the daughter of Animal Man and imprisoned her inside The Red.

Elsewhere, Aquaman has been rendered blind by the vain Poseidon for daring to look upon the death of a god. Aquaman tells Poseidon to go to Hell, but Poseidon merely laughs at him and disappears.

The Gamesman targets Animal Man who is desperately searching for his daughter. The villain fires a torpedo that destroys Animal Man's speed boat, but Buddy survives.

Aquaman, blindly swims about relying upon his undersea instincts to compensate for his sight. He finds his old friend, Topo the octopus as well as Animal Man. Buddy tells Aquaman his predicament, and though Aquaman would love to help him, his blindness makes him a liability. Animal Man is not convinced that Aquaman is as useless as he pretends to be. He proves that Aquaman can use his to perceive the inner workings of the Red and find Maxine.

The heroes locate the Gamesman and fight him. Aquaman withstands a bevy of attacks, but succeeds in whittling down the Gamesman's armaments. Animal Man draws upon the power of a whale (Nemek) and uses the enhanced strength to crack the Gamesman's armor open. The Gamesman flees back to his ship and escapes. They find Maxine and bring her to the surface. Leaving Maxine in Aquaman's care, Animal Man calls upon the flight of a passing sea gull to fly after the Gamesman.


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  • A few of the trophies found on the Gamesman's ship includes, the Fisherman's hood and B'wana Beast's mask.
  • At the end of the issue, Aquaman tells Animal Man, "Man, talking to you is like talking to Swamp Thing. You both speak from such lofty philosophical heights, it's enough to give me vertigo." This is a pun referencing the fact that both Animal Man and the Swamp Thing's titles are published under DC's Vertigo imprint.

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