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"Out Cold": In Alaska, a teenage boy named Koryak tries to defend his village by battling against a giant squid monster.

Quote1.png Artoor... this is Koryak... our son. He's your little bastard. Quote2.png

Aquaman (Volume 5) #5 is an issue of the series Aquaman (Volume 5) with a cover date of January, 1995. It was published on December 8, 1994.

Synopsis for "Out Cold"

In Alaska, a teenage boy named Koryak tries to defend his village by battling against a giant squid monster.

Meanwhile, Aquaman, Aqualad and Dolphin return to Pearl Harbor to find Admiral Strom. However, they instead find a man named Admiral Jory who says he knows nothing of this Admiral Strom, nor of Aquaman's reported presence here several days ago. Angrily, the three leave and return to Atlantis.

In Alaska, Koryak returns to the hut of his mother Kako. He shows her a severed tentacle from the sea creature, but admits that he has yet to vanquish the monster. When he hears a scream originating from a nearby dock, he runs off to investigate.

Back in Atlantis, Aqualad consults with Vulko about the strange woman he sighted a few days ago. He is convinced that this woman was somehow Aquagirl returned from the dead. Vulko tells him of a strange Atlantean race known as the Sher'hedeen - a race known for invoking black magic rituals including raising the dead. Aqualad arms himself and decides to track down the Sher'hedeen.

In the Aquacave, Aquaman decides that in order to resolve this ongoing mystery surrounding Admiral Strom and his apparent knowledge of Aquaman's origins, he must seek out his birth father, the wizard Atlan. Atlan's last known whereabouts was in Alaska.

Aquaman and Dolphin take a submersible and go to Alaska. While trying to find Kako's hut, Aquaman encounters Koryak. Meanwhile, Garth updated his uniform and was preparing to find his "Tula" Though surprised, Koryak is not at all happy to see him and punches Aquaman across the jaw. The two begin fighting until Kako finally arrives and breaks up the fight. She reveals that Koryak is Aquaman's son.

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  • Aqualad believed that he had encountered Aquagirl in Aquaman (Volume 5) #2, however this was actually Letifos of the Sher'hedeen.
  • Aquaman makes reference to the Atlantis Chronicles in this issue.
  • Aquaman's father Atlan first appeared in Atlantis Chronicles #5.
  • This issue marks the first full appearance of Aquaman's newest uniform. Beforehand, he had still been using his standard orange and green uniform.

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