"Death of a King, Chapter Four": Arriving at Louisiana, Tula, Murk and Swatt steal a truck in order to go to the prison where Orm is being held.

Quote1.png It doesn't matter where Aquaman is. As long as I sit on this throne ... Atlantis is mine. Quote2.png

Aquaman (Volume 7) #22 is an issue of the series Aquaman (Volume 7) with a cover date of September, 2013. It was published on July 24, 2013.

Synopsis for "Death of a King, Chapter Four"

Arriving at Louisiana, Tula, Murk and Swatt steal a truck in order to go to the prison where Orm is being held.

Aquaman encounters the Dead King, who has frozen the entire population of Xebel. Aquaman recognizes the Dead King from the legends of Atlantis and summons an army of sharks to distract him while he releases Mera from the ice.

Meanwhile, the Scavenger's fleet attacks Atlantis. As his forces engage the Atlantean soldiers, the Scavenger himself attempts to locate the throne room. The battle brings the prison down, releasing Vulko from his cell. One of the guards attempts to kill Vulko, but Warden Urn stops him, saying that Vulko's life is in Aquaman's hands, not theirs.

At Xebel, Aquaman slams the Dead King with a sunken ship while Mera attempts to free her people from the ice. The Dead King gains the upper hand and takes the trident from Aquaman, saying that Aquaman is not his descendant. In fact, Aquaman's ancestors killed his family with the trident and took the throne.

Meanwhile, Tula, Murk and Swatt reach the prison while the Scavenger reaches the throne room.

The people of Xebel kneel before the Dead King, recognizing their loyalty to the real king of the oceans.

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  • Marine Sulfur Queen (Shipwreck)
  • Sandahl (Shipwreck)


  • The Marine Sulfur Queen is likely a reference to the SS Marine Sulphur Queen which was lost off the coast of Florida on 4 February 1963.
  • The aircraft with a registration number beginning with "NR16" is most likely a reference to the NC16002 which was lost on the night of 28 December 1948.

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