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"Lost": Aquaman falls in the middle of a desert. He looks down and exclaims, "uh oh".

Quote1.png The water never did anything but suck the hope out of life, did it? The water never brought us anything but pain and misery. Quote2.png
Tom Curry

Aquaman (Volume 7) #5 is an issue of the series Aquaman (Volume 7) with a cover date of March, 2012. It was published on January 25, 2012.

Synopsis for "Lost"

Aquaman falls in the middle of a desert. He looks down and exclaims, "uh oh".

Twelve hours earlier at Curry Lighthouse, Arthur stared out into the rain thinking about The Trench. Mera asks him what's wrong but is interrupted when Arthur's phone rings. The caller is Commander Clay from the U.S. Navy, who he had met previously at Beachrock. Although Arthur is confused at how did he get his number, Clay asks for his help, saying that they found a mysterious artifact embedded in the Trench's cocoons. When the Navy pried it open, the device emitted a soundwave that broke every piece of glass in the area. Now the device won't stop emitting the sound. Clay asks for Arthur's help.

In the desert, Aquaman removes a long piece of metal that had been impaled through his leg. Arthur finds his Trident of Neptune and collapses to the ground.

Hours earlier, Aquaman had arrived into the Navy's base so that he could investigate the artifact. Aquaman says that the device was part of an ancient Atlantean ship. The device is primitive by Atlantean standards and it was only used before Atlantis sank. A group of soldiers unexpectedly attack the base and steal the device. Aquaman chases after them and grasps the outside of their ship as it begins to take off.

In the desert, Aquaman has a vision of his father, Tom Curry. Initially, Tom says that the water has only brought their family pain and misery, but then he says that the water brought him Arthur's mother and his mother gave him Arthur. When Arthur asks his father why didn't he tell him about his mother, Tom replies that it was too painful to talk about her. However, he also remarks that Mera came back to Arthur. Tom says that he isn't sure what would his mother of Arthur giving up the throne of Atlantis just so that he can be with her.

Arthur cannot believe what his father is saying, and insists that he is hallucinating. Tom continues berating Arthur, saying that he only remains on land because he feels he belongs here, but the truth is that he'll never belong anywhere.

Arthur refuses to continue listening and uses his telepathy, causing his father to disappear. However, the only creature to respond is a lizard. Aquaman continues walking through the desert.

Aquaman recalls tearing open the invaders' ship. When the soldiers approach hi, he attacks one, breaking his helmet causing water to pour out. Aquaman realizes the soldiers are Atlanteans. Another soldier fires his gun at Aquaman, throwing his body out of the ship as the ship crashes.

In the present, Aquaman arrives at the crashed ship and grabs a soldier's helmet, finding the device. He activates the device, which emits an holographic transmission about a soldier that says that Atlantis is in danger. The soldiers remarks that his forces have pursued an unknown enemy to the oceans, however, they are under attack by something in the trench. He says that the enemy is planning to sink Atlantis and the King and Queen of Atlantis had hidden the truth. The soldier is attacked by unknown enemies and the transmission ends.

Suddenly, a group of military helicopters arrive to help Aquaman.

Aquaman's ordeal is covered by the news, and at least one talk show makes fun of it as it is watched by Stephen Shin.

Arthur arrives home and finds his dog alone. He finds a note from Mera that says that she went to town to get dog food.

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