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"Here Comes the Flood": The great city of Atlantis, now raised to the surface

Quote1.png I am the Queen of Atlantis -- and I will not abandon my kingdom! Quote2.png

Aquaman (Volume 8) #41 is an issue of the series Aquaman (Volume 8) with a cover date of December, 2018. It was published on October 17, 2018.

Synopsis for "Here Comes the Flood"

The great city of Atlantis, now raised to the surface

As common life goes on in Atlantis, the water changes its nature, becoming the source of a strange metamorphosis turning Atlanteans into violent monsters. Mera was of course surprised by the situation, and decides to use her aquakinetic powers to isolate Atlantis from the sea, even if this is a colossal effort. Without knowing what to do to gain more information, Mera is successful in contacting Batman, who now is functioning as the League's coordinator as he cannot take part on missions on the field. Batman explains to Mera that not only Atlantis, but the world is dealing with an alien invasion, and that the poisoning of the waters was done by these invaders.

Both Bruce and Mera do not know where Arthur is: Batman communicates to the queen that Aquaman disappeared in a mission in the Arctic six hours before their conversation. Batman then is informed about the fact Mera is holding Atlantis safe with his aquakinetic powers, and tells her to stop and get to the Hall: she is the Queen of Atlantis, but also a member of the League and soon she won't be able to hold on anymore. If she comes to the Hall, she will be a valid resource as she knows aquatic life better then anyone safe perhaps Arthur. Mera refuses to abandon Atlantis, but soon an attack from the invaders stuns her, with the whole city, and Mera's people, all infected. Isolating herself with her powers, Mera loses contact with Batman and so decides to ask for the help of the Ocean Master.

Meanwhile, on the Blood Reef, outside Earth

Aquaman is prisoner of the Triumvirate of Sea Gods, ancient space gods of alien oceans who were cast away from Earth in the past by Atlantis' greatest hero, Arion. They are back to exact their revenge on Arion and his planet, and they are the ones responsible for the drowning.

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