Ar'dn was one of two Gil'Dishpan operatives colluding with the Dark Circle. The other was Ar'by an ambassador in the United Planets. Ar'dn was posing as his student aide but actually outranked him. Ar'by and Ar'dn were behind the attempted assassination of RJ Brande.

Ar'dn chastised Ar'by for earning the ire of his fellow Gil'Dan's when he mistranslated his species name of Gil'Dan as Gil'Dishpan into Interlac and the incorrect name stuck.

Ar'by and Ar'dn were of two different subspecies of the Gil'Dan. Ar'dn's subspecies looks like giant brains and is more militaristic than Ar'by's subspecies. Ar'by's subspecies were allowed membership in the United Planets because they supposedly denounced the actions of Ar'Dn's faction.[1]



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