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Araquel was an angel who fell in disgrace after falling in love with the human Khara. They had a child together they named Nikki. He was known to be the death-bringer, but later he was demoted to be the guardian angel of Timothy Hunter, the boy destined to be the greatest mage on earth.[1]

As he was a fallen angel, his wife took the task of protecting Timothy Hunter. For this, Barbatos knew that he would have to confront Araquel at some moment, so he kidnapped Khara and Nikki, and kept Araquel busy with dummy missions, so he would not be able to protect Tim Hunter, or his girlfriend Molly. When Araquel realized that he has been distracted, he saved both kids, and later went to his family.[2]

Araquel kept helping Tim when he needed, until a war erupted between the forces of heaven and hell for Tim Hunter, instigated by Spinning Jemmy from the Laughing Brigade of Chaos, who also gave to Tim's step brother Cyril Ransome some powers, allowing him to transform the angel into chocolate. He could had been transformed back from that state, but he was destroyed before, so he died.[3]



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