Doctor Archer is the archenemy of the Web.

Archer was involved in the production of a drug known as Vyce. He is the only person producing the drug, which apparently grew out of research into the functions of the brain.

When Archer was opposed by David Raymond, founder of the drug rehabilitation center Safe Harbour, he kidnapped him in a bid to silence him. However, Archer's criminal superiors convinced him to ransom Raymond back to his brother, John. Using David's cellphone, Archer informed John that his brother would be released if the ransom was paid and that he tell no one of their deal.

John Raymond was secretly the crime-fighter known as the Web, who used the GPS David's cell phone to locate where he was being held. Dr. Archer ordered his agent Deadly Force to kill the intruder, but the Web prevailed. That is when Dr. Archer revealed that he had activated a fail safe that was pumping toxic gas into David's cell. Archer said that he would have been merciful had John not contacted the Web, not realizing the two men were one in the same. Desperate, the Web quickly left Archer behind, broke into David's cell and flew to the nearest hospital. But it was too late as David died in the Web's arms.

Since then, Dr Archer found himself as the personal foe of the Web.



  • Restricted Mobility: Archer suffers from a form of dystrophy which leaves him dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

  • Dr. Archer is based on the MLJ Comics character of the same name. He first appeared in Pep Comics #1.



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