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Archer Braun is a mercenary.

At some point in his past he met Dinah Lance, Sandra Wu-San and Helena Bertinelli, leaving them in trouble.

Years later, he reappeared in Gotham, robbing a bank until being chased by Black Canary, that eventually getting help from Huntress and Catwoman, after they recognized him from a video of the robbery Archer committed and the three chased him to his hideout, but using his skills was able to defeat them. However, the police arrived at the hideout and Archer fled to the airport with Black Canary as his hostage, Oracle watched his steps and warned Batman about what happened, Catwoman and Huntress then went after Archer's henchmen so they could gain it's location.

Archer took Black Canary to Katchik 9-9 the hidden city, for her to be delivered to Lady Shiva as a way to pay his debt, what Shiva has not accepted very well and tried to kill him, but was stunned to discover that it can block its deadliest attacks. Meanwhile, Huntress and Catwoman led by Oracle, made their way to Katchik 9-9 to effect rescue of Black Canary and again were confronted by Archer Braun and was helped by Oracle, who found that Braun had telepathic powers and so were able to defeat him at once.

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  • Braun is considered Lady Shiva's martial artist equal due to his psychic abilities.[1]



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