American Crusader was the first nuclear science-hero.


In 1941, believing he had discovered a new planet near Uranus, Grand University Astronomy professor Archie Masters rushed to inform physicist Professor Scott. Scott was about to split an atom, when Masters was caught in the energy release. After leaving the hospital, he was accosted by a mugger. Manifesting invulnerability and great strength, he defeated the criminal.

Theorizing that, as the energetic power of the atom is practically unlimited, when the atom smasher went off, it rearranged his atomic structure, giving him "virtually limitless power". He swore an oath to protect his country from evil as The Crusader.

In his first adventure, he uncovered a plot to seize power by simultaneously exploding multiple bombs across the country. Tracking the saboteurs to their headquarters, he destroyed them with one of their own bombs.

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  • Alcoholism
  • Illness: While Archie's powers made him invulnerable, the world's first science hero, it also gave him cancer. After helping find a cure for a dangerous virus, he died from his illness and his body was placed into the sun as per his last request.

  • Based on the Nedor Comics character American Crusader, who is now in the public domain.



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