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* Mohole 1 Research Station was the site of the accident that began the career of Killer Frost.

The Arctic Circle is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. It is the parallel of latitude that runs 66° 34′03″ (or 66.56756°) north of the Equator. The region north of this circle is known as the Arctic, and the zone just to the south is called the Northern Temperate Zone. The equivalent Polar Circle in the Southern Hemisphere encompasses Antarctica. The Arctic Circle is the location of both North Poles, magnetic and geographic, the Fortress of Solitude, and Santa's Workshop.




  • Rodney Stark's sub-surface airbase, and his tribe of Pleistocene Giants, were hidden near the North Pole.[1]


  • In the 1930s, the anthropomorphic penguin and polar bear Pelion and Ossa lived in the Arctic, along with a few other talking animals. They later moved south to the United States.
  • In the 1930s, a nomadic African tribe of pioneers roved the icy wastelands of this region.[2]
  • In the 1930s, the late Ice Menace, Berhener's final base was on an island north of Greenland.[3]
  • In the 1950s, the Mole Men of the World Below the North Pole, packing paralyzing ray rifles and riding polar bears, dwelt in a subterranean city.[4]

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  • A lost tropical valley, within a few miles of the magnetic North Pole, under tons of ice, with primitive humans and non-dinosaur giant animals, was found by one expedition.[6]
  • Another tropical forest in another volcanically-heated valley, populated by elephants and tigers and cavemen, was found in the Alaskan part of the Arctic Circle, open to the atmosphere.[7]
  • Polar City was concealed in a valley under tons of ice, and warmed by hot spring geysers, with mine shafts for gold, silver, and pitchblende. Polar City was destroyed by its own insane ruler.[8]

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