Argalia was the brother of Angelica and the prince of White Cathay.

Argalia possessed a magical lance that let him unseat any rider. He and his sister attempted to use this to their advantage in gaining prisoners to defend White Cathay from their enemies. They offered Carolus Magnus a challenge: any of his peers who was bested by Argalia would become their prisoner and return with them to White Cathay. Argalia used his enchanted lance to unseat Rinaldo in a joust.[1] Later, after Arak accused the siblings of deceit and kidnapping the wizard Malagigi, Argalia rode on an unarmed Arak. Arak dodged the lance and directed it into the ground, flipping Argalia from his mount. Argalia's horse trampled its rider, killing him.[2]

  • This character is an adaptation of Argalia, a character from the "Orlando Innamorato" series of stories by Matteo Maria Boiardo which started in 1483. More information can be found in the article Orlando Innamorato.



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