Argent is a super-hero with the ability to create energy constructs out of plasma. She is half-alien in origin, having developed powers through relation to the H'San Natall. She became a member of the Teen Titans group led by Ray Palmer joining with several other affected youths. Later on she became a member of the Titans led by Nightwing following the Technis Imperative. Although she left the team during Graduation Day she remained a reservist for many years. Argent was created by Dan Jurgens, first appearing in Teen Titans (Volume 2) #1. (1996)

There was also an unrelated government organization known as Argent. They were the domestic branch of Task Force X, sister team to the Suicide Squad and led by Control. This team was created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell, first appearing in Secret Origins (Volume 2) #14. (1987)

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