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Aquawoman (real name Ariel Curry[1]) is the Queen of Atlantis from Earth 11. She is the leader of the Justice Guild[2] and a member of the Justice Incarnate.[3]

The daughter of a lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean king, Ariel Curry is the bridge between the surface world and her tumultuous realm of the sea!

The greatest champion of Earth-11, Aquawoman's rule extends over two-thirds of her planet. When The Gentry threatened the entire Multiverse, she was the natural choice to be summoned to the House of Heroes. Without her aid during the final battle, all would have been lost.

Aquawoman is a founding member and second-in-command of Justice League Incarnate. Now, following a devastating defeat at the hands of the one true Darkseid, her wisdom and leadership is challenged by an attack on the House of Heroes no one saw coming.

Her only choice is to take control of her team and lead them to an impossible victory before the end of every last universe![1]

The Multiversity

Along with Justice Guild teammates Batwoman, Superwoman and Wonderous Man, Aquawoman was brought to the House of Heroes to aid in the battle against The Gentry.[3] During the The Multiversity, Aquawoman joined the Justice Incarnate.

According to herself, the sea queen is the strongest native life-form on her world.[4] She's also the mentor to Aquagirl.[5]

When the Supermen of the multiverse were being hunted by the Prophecy, the Justice League Incarnate met with Kal-El (New Earth) and Kal-L (Earth-30). Aquawoman and The League warned the Supermen of the incoming danger and aided them to find Kong Kenan, the Super-Man of China.[6] The group returned to the House of Heroes, where Superman took the Ultima Thule to the Prophecy to enact his plan as bait, as well as creating a beacon where the other captured Supermen were taken.[7] The House later received a signal from the Thule, and Red Racer mentions to the group that was their only vessel and building another one would take thousands of years; so he sacrificed himself to build a new one, shocking everyone, but luckily his plan worked and they managed to save the Supermen.[8]




  • Water Deprivation: Aquawoman must return to water after a period of time or she will weaken.


  • Trident: Also known as Aquawoman's Staff.[5]
    • Electrokinesis: Aquawoman is capable of controlling bolts of lightning with her trident.[4]



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