Quote1 I could blame the Project. I could blame Twins. But this is all on me. Hubris carries a hefty price tag. Quote2
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The Project

Ariel was the leading scientist on a series of research known as The Project which would "resurrect" the 21st Century Justice League by integrating the stored DNA of the Leaguers with 31st Century citizens'.

Quickly realising how unethical the process is, Ariel fled from the programme leaving the Wonder Twins in charge who went ahead with the project.

Justice League 3000

With the 21st Century heroes resurrected and Ariel on the run it seemed unlikely that they would meet until Aaban Tariq - an old friend - found himself face-to-face with the League and summoned her to Takron-Galtos[1] where The Five were waiting. After quickly telling the JL3000 about The Project Aaban reveals himself to have been corrupted by the Convert all along and the League and Ariel team up for survival.[2]

With defeat looking like the only option and Terry Magnus of the Wonder Twins revealing himself to be leader of the Five and killing his sister Ariel surrenders herself. Her surrender was only a ruse as she resurrects Teri with the Flash's powers allowing the team to launch a coup against their captors.[3]

With the Five vanquished Ariel and the others retreat to Camelot-Nine where they ally with the neo-knight citizens and King Arthur to fight off Etrigan and his demon army.[4]

However, when the League are all away fighting the demonic hoards, a resurrected Lois Lane and Injustice League sneak into their castle and knocks Ariel unconscious[5] allowing Lois to swap bodies with her and adopt her position as head of the League and to plot their downfall.[6]



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