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Ariella Kent is the daughter of the Clark Kent of Earth-One and the Linda Danvers of New Earth. After being transported to the future, she succeeded her mother as Supergirl.

When Linda Danvers tried to take the place of Earth-One Kara Zor-El, she accidentally created a split timeline where Superman fell in love with her. The two married and had a daughter named Ariella Kent.[1]

When The Spectre came to send Linda back to her own parallel reality, Linda agreed on the condition that Ariella would be spared. The Spectre agreed to her terms, and Ariella was left alone to wander over the universe.[2]

Possessing incredible powers at the very tender age of 6, Ariella began to play in space, unknowingly causing massive devastation. Her ability to time-travel carried her to the 853rd Century, where she accidentally destroyed a planet as playing with an invading fleet.

Having became attached to an alien refugee named Dura, who had been fleeing from her since she destroyed his planet, Ariella insisted on travelling with him. Dura agreed, thinking maybe he could teach her how to use her powers carefully.

At some point, Ariella wandered over to the 20th Century New Earth and befriended Klarion the Witch Boy, who seemed smitten with her.[3]




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