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Arin Sur was the sister of Abin Sur, a legendary member of the Green Lantern Corps. Eventually, she fell in love with and became betrothed to her brother's best friend, Thaal Sinestro. They had a child together, who they were forced to give up for adoption, named Soranik Natu. Eventually, her husband was accused of being a tyrant on his native Korugar, and by tragic circumstances Arin somehow died. Her death largely inspired him to sever emotional ties with the world, and stop acknowledging any emotion for anything. She was the only woman he ever loved, and his feelings for her are one of his greatest kept secrets.

During Blackest Night, she returns as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. Sinestro and Hal Jordan are personally forced to put her down for good by combining the beams of their light.[1]




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