Arion is a powerful demigod born from the time of ancient Atlantis before the Great Deluge and is one of the greatest sorcerers in modern and ancient Atlantean history. Devoted to the forces of order, he once battled ancient Lords of Chaos like Garn Daanuth, his brother, and Chaon alongside his friends Wyynde and Lady Chian. In the modern day, he acts as a reluctant hero, ally of the Aquaman Family, and one of the immensely powerful Lords of Order. His history differs in the New 52 . In this continuity, he is a powerful sorcerer-king of ancient Altantis and hailed as a great hero by both Atlantean and Amazon alike. Servant to the forces of order and chaos, he is driven insane after exposure to Death Force and the Blue Beetle Scarab.Arion was created by Paul Kupperberg and Jan Duursema, first appearing in Warlord #55. (1982)


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