Olympian was a Greek hero who briefly served with the Justice League International.

Aris Demetrios was based in Athens. He had a number of enemies, including the Minotaurus, and once had help from the demigod Jason to defeat him.[1] He was Greece's representative in the Global Guardians.[2] He previously had a relationship with Godiva, but gave it up to attain what he considered godhood.[3]

He was brought in to the Justice League International after Batwing quit, but during his induction, Guy Gardner quit as well. That same day, OMAC's programming took over and defeated the team; Olympian was first into the fray and first into the ground. The team was disbanded not long after.[3]



  • Power Instability: As a byproduct of wearing the Golden Fleece, he attained not just the powers but also part of the personalities of the Argonauts, which made him undependable and unreliable.[2]




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