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Aristotle "Tot" Rodor was a friend and mentor to the Question.

Aristotle Rodor was something of a child prodigy, showing a talent for invention from an early age. Though he was a natural genius, he was also something of a gadfly who never received his doctorate, having refused to submit inferior work in the pursuit of advanced degrees.

Several inventions developed by Rodor while he was still in his twenties left him with a regular, if modest, income. Rodor "retired" to his home outside of Hub City to pursue his wide variety of interests and tech courses in advanced biology and philosophy at the university. Among Rodor's students was a young, rebellious Charles Victor Szasz, who would later become famous as Vic Sage, the television investigative reporter.

Among his many accomplishments, Rodor co-invented with Dr. Arby Twain, Pseudoderm, a unique artificial skin created to treat wounds. Rodor discovered that the agent which bonded Pseudoderm to the skin could prove toxic and agreed with Twain to abandon the product.

When Rodor learned that Twain was attempting to sell Pseudoderm to Third World nations, he sought out his old student Vic Sage and asked for his help. At Rodor's suggestion, Sage adapted a unique mask of Pseudoderm to hide his famous features. Out of that suggestion was born the vigilante crimefighter, The Question.

Rodor served as Sage's best friend and adviser, even if his advice was often ignored, for large portions of his life until Vic died of cancer during the events of 52. He now serves a similar function for the new Question, Renée Montoya, and the two reside in a lighthouse left to them jointly by Vic.