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Ark was an evil combination of every supervillain who once resided in Arkham Asylum.

Ark on his world had somehow gained personalities, appearance, abilities and seemingly powers of all supervillains locked in Arkham Asylum. He was recruited into the Dark Knights by the Batman Who Laughs for his invasion on Earth 0 under a pact with Perpetua and acted as a guard for Castle Bat. Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn and Jonah Hex tried to sneak into Castle Bat through a tunnel built by Swamp Thing while assuming they had been masked by Jarro.[1]

Ark and the other Dark Knights however were ready for them and blowed down the tunnel wall as they neared its end. Ark fought Harley and fired sharp Joker cards at her, while trying to persuade her to join them and telling her the whole of Arkham was within him, adding she would be more at home. Harley rejected him and used his Joker card to pierce his mask (belonging to Mister Freeze). He soon attacked Swamp Thing, but Jarro split them up from the heroes from the Dark Knights by controlling Castle Bat's mind.[1]




  • Joker cards: The cards have sharp edges and are able to pierce normal skin.[1]

  • His name is the shortened version of Arkham Asylum.



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