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Quote1.png Our enemies have seen us. They know where we are because we keep our faces open to the sky. We are growing in number. The people will see us. We are their hope--an opening in the clouds. All my Arkham Knights ever needed was a purpose--a focus. A common enemy and a cause. And perhaps even an excuse for Mr. Zsasz to sate his bloodlust. Now comes the rising of the sun. Quote2.png
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The Arkham Knights were a group of supervillains and former Arkham Asylum inmates that Arkham Knight controlled with Mad Hatter's mind control technology, in order to lead them in a rebellion against the Magistrate.


The Arkham Knights were brought together by Astrid Arkham, better known as the Arkham Knight. After the Magistrate took control of Gotham City, Astrid stole the Mad Hatter's mind-controlling "Hattertech" and incorporated it into her suit. She then used this technology on numerous former Arkham Asylum patients, bringing them under her control and leading them against the Magistrate.[1] Astrid believed this was the right thing to do, both for Gotham City and the villains themselves, as she also used the technology to lessen their psychoses, as well as saving Doctor Phosphorous from death.[2]

This alliance set themselves up in the old, abandoned Wayne Manor, and fought back against the Magistrate wherever they could. At one point, they stole the old Bat-Signal from the Magistrate, and used it to shine their own symbol above the city.[3] The group would also free a mysterious Magistrate experiment named the Warmonger from one of their facilities, but rather than join the Knights, the Warmonger turned on them. Warmonger slaughtered much of the Knights' civilian staff, while the Magistrate captured the supervillains and sent them to Blackgate Penitentiary.[1] They stayed in the Penitentiary for several months, during which time Astrid was separated from her mind control gear.[4] Once the Warmonger destroyed the prison, the villains turned on the former master, who was only saved by the intervention of Red Hood and Batman.[5] Without the Hattertech holding them together, the group likely collapsed after the Warmonger's assault on Gotham was defeated.



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