Arkhamverse is a fan-originated term for the shared continuity of the video games originating from the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.


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  • [[However two multiverses per game, so about eight or more multiverses; one for both Batman succeeding and failing in the recapture of Arkham: Asylum and City. Not to mention Gotham City (Arkham Knight). Arkham Origins would be part of the eight or more, however it was said that origins was not part of the Arkhamverse Rocksteady had made, making it six or more. It would be twelve total (with origins), and or ten total (without origins)- also including not having Batman in any of the storylines individually separate altogether; multiverses are infinite. Based on Arkham Knight, it would be part of the New 52 Universes as an alternate Multiverse because of a certain antagonist in Arkham Knight story.]]


  • Arkhamverse inspired skins for Injustice: Gods Among Us were released for those who preordered with Walmart. The skin pack includes Batman, Catwoman, and Joker.
    • An Arkhamverse skin for Harley Quinn was released seperately to owners of the iOS version. The player must purchase (with in-game coins) the Joker as a playable character.


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