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"Conclusion": Immediately following what took place in the Justice League Europe Annual, Waverider now investigates Captain Atom's future to determine if he will become Monarch. In that future, he sees that Nathaniel Adam has retired from active duty as Captain

Armageddon 2001 #2 is an issue of the series Armageddon 2001 (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1991.

Synopsis for "Conclusion"

Immediately following what took place in the Justice League Europe Annual, Waverider now investigates Captain Atom's future to determine if he will become Monarch. In that future, he sees that Nathaniel Adam has retired from active duty as Captain Atom due to an accident that led to some instability with his powers. However, as Nathaniel hobbles around New York City, he sees that his children and grandchildren have been gunned down by a street gang, and not only are the police not prosecuting the ones responsible for their deaths, but also the bodies of the deceased are simply treated like garbage. Angry at the lack of justice, Nathaniel becomes Captain Atom to avenge their deaths by killing the gang members responsible for it, and then turns his entire anger on the whole city, devastating it with his quantum powers before he reverts back to Nathaniel Adam, weakened and spent.

However, it is during Waverider's investigation of Captain Atom's future that Monarch shows up, following his time-traveling test subject to the present time where he discovers Waverider's plan to stop his existence. The heroes present with Waverider protect him from Monarch and briefly confront him before he disappears. Waverider fears that his voyeurism into the heroes' futures may be the cause for Monarch's existence.

Meanwhile, Monarch seeks out Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, having them transform into Hawk and Dove before knocking them out and transporting them to a secret hideout where he will assemble his weapon for destroying all superheroes, including Superman. Eventually, Monarch kills Dawn Granger before Hank Hall's eyes, provoking him to attack and kill Monarch. As he does, he finds out that the Monarch is a future version of himself, and that he has come from the future to make sure that his past self fulfills the very role he's fated to be.

Soon the heroes are called to evacuate the citizens of Metropolis as Monarch plans to show up with a devastating weapon that he plans to activate in the heart of the city. As the heroes succeed largely in doing so, they wait for Monarch's arrival to engage him in battle. Superman shatters Monarch's helmet, revealing him to be Hank Hall, alias Hawk. As Monarch activates the weapon to destroy all superheroes, Captain Atom notices that the weapon's energy doesn't affect him and can be absorbed by him. Drawing the destructive power of the weapon's energy towards him, Captain Atom saves his fellow heroes as he and Monarch are transported out of the present time, into the prehistoric past.

It is after this that someone notices a hand reaching out of a pile of rubble. Waverider reaches out to that hand and pulls out of the pile a young boy named Matthew Ryder. It is then that Waverider realizes who his mysterious rescuer is from his childhood.

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  • It was this issue that the identity of Monarch was originally intended to be revealed as Captain Atom. However, information leakage that happened prior to this issue being published caused DC Comics to change the revealed identity of Monarch at the last moment to be Hawk. Nonetheless, Captain Atom does become Monarch following the events of Infinite Crisis.
  • In Hawk and Dove Annual Vol 3 2 Waverider saw a future where Hawk confronted Monarch eliminating Hawk as a candidate for Monarch. Moreover, thanks to the interaction of Waverider's and Dove's powers Waverider was able to see so many possible futures that he concluded "No matter the future they fought him but never became him." So of all the characters DC could have chosen to replace Captain Atom as the ID of Monarch they choose one of the two characters they had expressly eliminated.
  • Captain Atom's adventures continue in Armageddon: The Alien Agenda.
  • Hawk revealed as Monarch was later retcon in a storyline in JSA that revealed the ending of Armageddon 2001 had been faked by Mordru. He had created an illusion of Dove being murdered by a future Hawk/Monarch in order to drive the current Hawk insane. He then took control of Hawk and used him to impregnate Dove so she would give birth to a child that would inherit all the powers of the Lords of Chaos and Order. Mordru cast a spell on Dove that kept her in a comatose state for years. She did give birth to a child but before Mordru could possess the child's body it was instead inhabited by a reincarnated Hector Hall who aged the body to adulthood and thus caused it to become the new Doctor Fate. Much later while searching for his wife Lyta, Hector would discover Dove and bring her out of Mordru's spell revealing the truth of these events. She would then discover that her sister had inherited the Hawk powers after the death of Hank Hall.

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