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History of character has not yet been written.


  • Divine Empowerment: When malicious souls attacked the ancient Incans they were kept at bay by Tapac-Yauri and were bound to four stone tablets. Two of these tablets were shattered and absorbed by Armando Guitez; they transformed him into a monstrous being.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: Armando could hurl the superhuman Wonder Woman around by her staff. He could crash threw buildings and toss boulders at his enemies.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: Armando survived a plane crash that he himself caused and went toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman without sustaining major damage. However, he was defeated after being impaled on a spire.[1]


  • Business Management: Before becoming a rampaging monster, Armando lead a corrupt organization that held sway over cities by controlling it's police, judges and local militants.[1]




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