Quote1 He is a hound, searching our world and rooting out all who stand for freedom. Quote2
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  • Unique Physiology: The Boom Tube that opened up before the Ramon brothers bathed Armando with the same pandimensional energies that his youngest sibling was bathed in. While Armando was pulled through the rift unlike Cisco who was sadwitched between its event horizon, he ended up on another world featuring similar abilities but at a much greater level than those of Vibe.[1][2]
    • Warp Wave Manipulation: Rupture can emit the same extra-dimensional energy his brother can as concussive vibrations. Armando uses His sickle as a focus for his energy, discharging it as vastly potent blast waves.[1]
    • Dimensional Travel
    • Flight: Armando uses the energy to fly and/or hover in mid-air, able to soar through the sky at varying speeds at will.[1]
    • Energy Absorption: Rupture can siphon the energies that power Cisco and his own abilities in order to strengthen his dimensional warping capabilities.[3]
    • Energy Sensing: Armando can feel and track the unique energy frequencies of dimensional breachers, enabling him to follow the trails of others even from across realities.[3]



  • Tuning Scythe: Rupture uses a sickle like weapon to channel and better utilize his powers.

  • Armando is also known as the Hound of Mordeth.



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