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Arnold Burnsteel was a friend of Fate (Jared Stevens) and band manager of Scare Tactics.

Chief of paranoia; a living, breathing encyclopedia of arcane trivia, conspiracy theories and questionable proven facts. Ever since college, Burnsteel slowly started to drift towards the darker side of the society. When Jared Stevens received the mantle of Doctor Fate from the Lord of Order Nabu, he turned to Burnsteel for advice. Burnsteel was connected to a wealth of information via the internet and mysterious contacts from the government.

Burnsteel had dirt on just about anyone important and helped Jared Stevens understand just who Doctor Fate was. Burnsteel has been chased by men in black, demons and almost killed by Charnelle, a female warrior from the Dreadlands because of his connections with Fate.

He met Fang, Grossout, Scream Queen and Slither, Where he and Fate helped them escape R-Complex. After driving to Nina Skorzeny's neighborhood in New York City, the group decided to go their separate ways. Soon they banded together again at club Slaughterhouse to save Scream Queen from the Graveyard Shift. They gave an improvised rock performance as the newly named Scare Tactics. They decided to stick together, with Arnold as their manager.

Burnsteel bought Scare Tactics a bus and filled it with gadgetry as a covert operations mobile headquarters. He once saved the group from a nightmarish illusion from the town of Beumont, Connecticut and convinced Scorcher, an ex-inmate of the R-Complex, to leave them alone when they were in Boston.