Arnold Pander is a writer.

Personal History

Arnold Pander is the brother of Jacob Pander. They currently live in Portland, Oregon.

Professional History

Arnold Pander is an American multi disciplinary creator. He writes and directs films, commercials and music videos. He also writes and illustrates graphic novels and comics. Along with his brother Jacob, they founded the PANDER Brothers, a creative media team where they perform all of the activities mentioned before. Their first publication in comic books was in 1986 working for Comico in the title Elementals. Later on they were hired by various comic book companies including First Comics, Dark Horse Comics and Vertigo. Their first published work for DC Comics was in 2000 for the title Batman Chronicles and later they would work for a few issues of Robin and Batman. City of Light.

Their latest work in comics was in 2013 in their own publisher Pander Bros. Comics

Work History

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