Arnold Stipple, better known under his Maxi name of Cosmos, was a member of the Liberty Squad.

Though acquitted, he is considered to have betrayed the Liberty Squad to a villain known as Were-Lizard, which resulted in the death of Earth's greatest hero, Astral Man. This leads to his home in Tranquility being vandalized quite often.

Due to his status as a pariah, Arnold lives alone, save for several cats. He claims to have been blamed by then-Sheriff Duray for every major crime that happened in Tranquility. He was even briefly considered as a suspect for the murder of Mr. Articulate, due to his powers of teleportation.

However, it was then revealed that Arnold was framed for Astral Man's death by Judge Fury and Colonel Cragg as Astral Man was killed by Cragg for attempting to reveal the secret of Tranquility's Fountain of Youth, and that Articulate's death was also involved in keeping the secret safe by Cragg. Arnold was easily taken as the fallout person for Astral Man's death as he was infamously known for being a drunkard who keep forgetting, and easily fooled into believing that he killed Astral Man. Arnold regained the townspeople's trust after teleporting away Henry Hate's Hate Bomb that was dropped onto Tranquility by Colonel Cragg in mid-air into a vacant desert.[1]




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