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Arnold Stromwell was a prominent mob boss in Gotham City.

During his childhood, Arnold and his brother Michael would play on the railroad tracks of Gotham City. One day, Michael saved Arnold from an oncoming train, though it cost Michael his leg.[1]

At the peak of his criminal career, Arnold Stromwell provided shelter to his nephew Tony Zucco until he became the primary suspect in the murder of John and Mary Grayson. When Batman infiltrated Stomwell's mansion looking for Zucco, Stromwell denied being in contact with his nephew. Later he severed all ties with Zucco, effectively throwing him out of the family.[2]

Stromwell's criminal organization was later threatened by rising mob leader Rupert Thorne. After the life of his son was put in peril, he turned himself in to the authorities and confessed all his past crimes.[1]


  • Arnold Stromwell was voiced by Eugene Roche as an adult and Alan Roberts as a youth.



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