Arnold Wesker was an inmate of Arkham Asylum.

According to Dr. Penelope Young's notes, Arnold Wesker should not be separated from his puppet, Scarface. The gangster dummy was displayed in Warden Sharp's office. After his takeover of the asylum, Joker commandeered the puppet and conversed with it.

In Arkham City, there were two puzzles about Wesker that Riddler hid in separate locations. One clue led to Scarface who was placed in a display case at Cyrus Pinkney's Institute for Natural History, and the another led to Wesker's old puppet shop. The riddles described how, after Joker's argument with Scarface in Arkham Asylum, one of his thugs found the old Scarface and made several copies. A Scarface doll was in a crib in at Joker's Steel Mill hideout, made up by Harley to look like the love child of Mr. J and herself.

The Vetriloquist was not an inmate of Arkham City. When Batman listened to the external GCPD dispatch, an officer reported that Wesker had taken hostages and was shooting at police.

At some point after the shutdown of Arkham City, Peyton Riley replaced Wesker as the Ventriloquist and acquired the Scarface puppet from him.





  • Tommy Gun (Formerly): Wesker formerly had a tommy gun that he used in conjunction with Scarface. This gun is now on display in Arkham Asylum.[1]
  • New Unspecified Gun



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