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Arnold Wesker was a ventriloquist with multiple personalities, which he projected on his dummies. Scarface was the darkest, and turned him into a criminal.

When he was younger, Arnold Wesker did the voices of all the characters on the children's television show Cockamamie Junction. When that show was eventually cancelled, he attempted to go on a solo career with four puppets of his own. One of these puppets, dressed as an old gangster with a scar across his right eye and known as Scarface, started to gain control of his mind. He gave up on his solo career, ditched the other puppets, and was persuaded by Scarface to go on a crime spree.

The puppet used Wesker to develop a plan that would make them rich. Wesker only went along with the plans because he thought that he would retire soon after.

When it came time to begin their crime spree in Gotham, the Ventriloquist hired two thugs, Mugsy and Rhino, to help them with the heavy lifting. They immediately began collecting materials for a large Scarface robot.

Scarface was injured in one confrontation with the Batman, and Wesker was ordered by the puppet to finish their plans. He did as he was commanded and finished constructing the giant, bank robbing robot. When they attempted to use the robot, with Scarface installed as the "pilot", they were again confronted by the Batman. When they were defeated, the inert robot with Scarface still inside was left on a set of train tracks where it was hit by a train and demolished. With his puppet seemingly destroyed and no one to lead him, Wesker surrendered and was taken to Arkham Asylum. [2]

Later, after somehow escaping Arkham and regaining Scarface, he was again captured by the Batman. Returned to Arkham, he attempted to rehabilitate himself was eventually separated again from Scarface. Released for the asylum, he renewed his career as an entertainer using a new puppet called Mr. Snoots. Despite the certification, Batman continued to watch over Wesker, not fully convinced of his rehabilitation. This led Bruce Wayne to ask his psychologist, Hugo Strange, if he really was rehabilitated. With Strange's blessing, Bruce was convinced, and hired Arnold to entertain the opening of a new children's museum, which also had an assortment of priceless sports memorabilia for a silent auction. Hugo decided to test Arnold's resolve and placed Scarface in Arnold's apartment, giving the appearance he had attacked Mr. Snoots. The Ventriloquist resurfaced and attempted to pull Wesker back to a life of crime by stealing from the museum. Being that Bruce was attending the event, he was able to appear as Batman in record timing. Because of his arrival, Scarface was convinced of a rat in the organization. Upon rendezvousing in their hideout, Wesker's old studio, Scarface came under the conclusion that Arnold was the rat, and decided to have him killed: by running him over with Choo-choo Chuckie, one of the props from the show. Batman arrived and decided to use Wesker's multiple personalities to his advantage by saying Mr. Snoots was the rat, tossing the puppet to Arnold. This culminated in a "fight" between the puppets with both being destroyed and Wesker saved by the Batman. Arnold cried for one of the puppets, with Batman commenting if he was referring to Mr. Snoots, there was hope for Arnold.[1]


Other Characteristics

  • Multiple Personalities: Because of mental illness, Wesker believes that Scarface is a real person. The Ventriloquist even hears Scarface's voice in his head when the two are not attached.[2]




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