Quote1 You're no threat to me. You're not even human. Quote2
Psi-Fi Man src
Professor Arous is an evil scientist with incredible telepathic powers known as the Psi-Fi Man.

Originally working as a genetics researcher in a Louisiana prison, the Warden thought his experiments had gone too far and shut them down. Arous experimented on himself, then killed the warden and took over the prison. Brainwashing the inmates and staff, he began using the facilities for his own purposes. This included tracking down the man known as OMAC with the intention of stealing his Brother Eye technology. Psi-Fi Man successfully infiltrated his mind, but was cast out by Brother Eye and easily defeated in physical combat. In the chaos of an attack by Checkmate agents, he escaped and vowed that he would find a way to make the power of OMAC his own.[1]




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