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Quote1 I didn't make all those sacrifices for a reward, Thea. I did it because it was right, and seeing it proves how much more there is to be done, and I can't do it without you. Quote2
Oliver Queen

Invasion! is an episode of season 5 of Arrow. It premiered on November 30, 2016.

Synopsis for "Invasion!"

Appearing in "Invasion!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • 3PO Processor (Dominators tracking device) (Single appearance)
  • Canary Necklace (Single appearance) (In a simulation)
  • Dark Archer's Bow (In a simulation)
  • Deathstroke Suit (In a simulation)
  • Deathstroke's Sword (In a simulation)
  • Devarim Rags
  • Dominator Energy Rifle (Single appearance)
  • Firestorm Matrix (Flashback only) (Cameo)
  • Green Arrow's Bow
  • Heat Wave's Heat Gun (Flashback only) (Cameo)
  • Hōzen (In a simulation)
  • Meta-Bomb (Unnamed) (Mentioned only)
  • Oliver Queen's Bow
  • Spartan's Helmet (Flashback only) (Cameo)
  • Thea Queen's Bow (Flashback only) (Cameo)
  • Yao Fei's Bow


  • Dominators' Fleet
    • Dominators' Mothership (Also in a vision)
  • Queen's Gambit (Flashback only) (Destroyed) (Cameo)
  • Waverider (Flashback and main story)
  • Wild Dog's Motorcycle



  • This is the 100th episode of Arrow and the second part of the Invasion! crossover with Arrow, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • The Dominators creates a virtual reality through the memories of Oliver and his friends. In the altered timeline:
    • Robert and Oliver never journeyed on the Queen's Gambit which leads to Robert never dying and Oliver never being standed on Lian Yu, facing his five years of training and becoming The Hood;
    • Laurel Lance and Moira Queen are still alive as a consequence of Oliver never becoming a vigilante and never meeting Damien Darhk and Slade Wilson;
    • After returning from Afghanistan, Diggle became The Hood to atone and created his own team with Felicity Smoak, like Oliver on Earth-1;
    • Like Robert and Oliver, Sara never traveled on the Gambit so she never joined the League of Assassins;
    • Ray Palmer never became The Atom so Starling City was never rebranded as Star City. He's also engaged to Felicity, like they were Season 3;
    • Tommy Merlyn is still alive an is actually a doctor in Chicago;
    • Despite his wife having died like on Earth-1, Malcolm Merlyn never journeyed to Nanda Parbat and didn't become the Dark Archer.


  • In the opening scene with Oliver and Laurel, their conversation mirrors Oliver and Felicity's from "Sins of the Father".
    • Oliver and Laurel's recurring theme is also played during this scene.
  • Tommy Merlyn working in a Chicago hospital in the Dominators' reality is a nod to Colin Donnell starring in the tv series, Chicago Med.

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