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Quote1 Thea is dead. And yes, Tommy's alive. But, he's trying another undertaking with Rene and Dinah helping, who, if you haven't noticed, are very bad people here. Oliver, this world isn't better. It's much, much worse. You know why? Because you weren't in it. Quote2
John Diggle

Starling City is an episode of season 8 of Arrow. It premiered on October 15, 2019.

Synopsis for "Starling City"

Appearing in "Starling City"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Batsuit (Cameo)
  • Black Canary's Staff
  • Deathstroke's Suit (Flashforward only)
  • Deathstroke's Sword (Flashforward only)
  • Devarim Rags (Cameo)
  • Dwarf Star Particles
  • Interdimensional Extrapolator
  • Green Arrow's Bow
  • Markov Device (Single appearance) (Unnamed)
  • The Monitor's Suit
  • Oliver Queen's Bow
  • Spartan's Helmet
  • Vertigo (Mentioned only)


  • Fishing boat (Single appearance)
  • Queen's Gambit (Earth-2) (Destroyed) (Mentioned only)



  • The events of Earth-1 take place after the events of The Flash episode, A Flash of the Lightning, which was aired just before this episode, where the destruction of Earth-2 was foreshadowed on Jay Garrick's Multiverse Map which mentioned antimatter coming to Earth-2.
  • The events on the Star City 2040 future take place at least a few months after the events of "You Have Saved This City".
  • This episode marks the last time that the Pre-Crisis version of Earth-2 appears in the present as, after the Crisis, it will be replaced by another continuity.[1]


  • Most of the Earth-2 events mirrors the events of Season 1, including:
    • Oliver's rescue, his first meeting with his mother, the first dinner in Queen Mansion, the first meeting with Diggle and Oliver leaving his return party mirror the events of "Pilot";
    • Thea dying of overdose on her 18th birthday references the events of Trust but Verify" where Oliver actually saved Thea on his Earth;
    • Oliver breaking into Malcolm's office mirrors the same thing he did to his mother in "Betrayal";
    • Tommy explaining the Undertaking mirrors Malcolm's words from "The Undertaking";
    • Oliver being captured by Tommy, Diggle rescuing him and Oliver defeating Dark Archer mirrors the events of "Sacrifice.
  • Oliver telling Earth-2 Chase "he's 10 steps ahead of him" is a homage to Prometheus' iconic quote from Season 5.
  • In Laurel's Earth-2 bunker, there can be seen suits for Huntress, Steel, Vixen and Ragman.

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