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Unfinished Business is an episode of season 1 of Arrow. It premiered on April 3, 2013.

Synopsis for "Unfinished Business"

Appearing in "Unfinished Business"

Featured Character:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Andy Diggle Jr. (First full appearance)
  • Carly Diggle
  • Maddie (Single appearance)
  • Malcolm Merlyn (Cameo)
  • NSA (Behind the scenes)
  • Senator Patterson (Single appearance) (Deceased) (In a photograph only) (Cameo)
  • Seven 6 News Channel (First appearance)
  • Veronica Sparks (Single appearance; dies) (Infected)
  • Alberto Garcia (Mentioned only)
  • Andy Diggle (Mentioned only)
  • B. McGuire (Mentioned only)
  • Edward Fyers (Mentioned only)
  • Eric Messner (Mentioned only)
  • M. Bunting (Mentioned only)
  • Michael Offer (Mentioned only)
  • Moira Queen (Mentioned only)
  • People's Liberation Army (Mentioned only)
  • Robert Queen (Mentioned only)
  • S. Barile (Mentioned only)
  • Thea Queen (Mentioned only)
  • Todd Pittson (Mentioned only)
  • Yao Fei (Mentioned only)
  • Confucius (Mentioned only)
  • Lao Tzu (Mentioned only)


  • Earth-1 (Unnamed)
    • 2008
      • Lian Yu (Flashback only)
        • The Fuselage (Unnamed)
          • Slade Wilson's Hideout (Flashback only)
    • 2013
      • United States of America
        • Starling City (Flashback and main story)
          • Carly Diggle's Apartment (First appearance)
          • The Glades
          • Laurel Lance's Apartment
          • Merlyn Global Group (Cameo)
          • Starling City Aquarium (Single appearance)
          • Starling County Institute for Mental Health (Single appearance)
      • Lian Yu (Mentioned only)


  • "Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Logan Bogan Was Her Name" (Single appearance)
  • Deadshot's Bionic Eye (Flashback and main story)
  • Lian Yu Herbs
  • Oliver Queen's Bow
  • Vertigo
  • Yao Fei's Bow (Flashback only) (Cameo)


  • Oliver Queen's Motorcycle



  • No notes.


  • The title of the episode references Oliver's score to settle with the Count as well as Diggle and Deadshot's past.
  • Most of Tommy's text history references some of Arrow crew members.
    • Todd Pittson was previously mentioned to be one of Deadshot's victims.[1]

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